The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Cherubino is a superior quality olive oil obtained solely by mechanical means. Extra-virgin This oil is made from olives Nocellara Etnea variety, harvested at the optimal point of ripeness and pressed within 12 hours of collection and is rigorously temperature controlled and stored in air-tight steel drums.

The olive groves which provides the oil of Cherubino are located in Biancavilla (CT), about 5 km from the main corporate headquarters of S Maria di Licodia, and are planted on lava soil from an underwater volcanic eruption 2 million years ago. The soil gives unique organoleptic characteristics of the oil cherub to the high amount of silicon present in the soil. The ground contains numerous “dykes”, emerging lava formations from the ground consisting of roughly conical or pyramidal shapes resulting from the rapid cooling of lava emerged from the sea.

The oil rests for 2 months, naturally decanted into stainless steel tanks of 1000 liters in the absence of air and light. It is bottled and stored in the cellar at a controlled temperature environment.

The olives from old trees Nocellara Etnea (some older than 100 years), Undergo an early harvest (II half of October) and strictly manual.

The Cherubino oil is described in the book of Sicilian Oils published by the Sicilian Region, and in the book of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Slow Food Edition 2016,