Historical notes on our Farmhouse


The “Farmhouse Fontana del Cherubino” was an ancient rural farm house used as shelter for agricultural workers and a storage site for crops grown in the countryside of Santa Maria di Licodia (Catania, Italy). It has recently been completely restored and converted to welcome guests who wish to enjoy our cuisine and enjoy a country holiday in an environmentally pristine area.

The Farmhouse Fontana del Cherubino produces olives, olive oil, citrus fruits, prickly pears, fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and eggs without addition of pesticides as part of its Mediterranean cuisine. To the north, Etna dominates the area, providing both visual entertainment during the eruptions as well soil enriching properties of the lava.

The panorama of Etna and the tranquil Ionean sea provide unique contrasts of this enchanting side of Sicily. The ancient myths and the various dominations of the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spanish define a surprisingly rich territory to be discovered, where everything is summarized and re-interpreted. The land is alive with folk traditions that reveal culture, complexity and a unique gastronomy.

The Rural Tourism Fountain Cherub can schedule archeological and mythological excursions in the east of Sicily that offer the guest experiences so different and so enthralling as to be truly unforgettable.

Grandfather’s carriage (about 1930).

Santa Maria di Licodia (CT) late 1800

Before renovation

Venerando Sciacca 1853 – 1909 – The land owner in Biancavilla

The land was planted initially with citrus groves since the 30s of the last century by our grandfather. The production was very valuable and was exported throughout Europe from local traders, who enveloped citrus in precious tissues watermarked.

Even the boxes that contained citrus fruits were elegantly coated with filigreed paper (see pictures below)

Filigreed paper and insurance against hail

Kindly provided by Dr. Salvo Rasa